Sushi set 24 pcs

Come to enjoy delightful sushi in Brno!

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Sushi set dish made from fresh and thoroughly chosen ingredients.

Enjoy 24 pcs. of delicious sushi

  • 8 ks M&M's ROLL /avocado, tuna, salmon, special sauces/ (M&M's = Margita and Martin´s)

  • 2 ks TEA-SMOKED SALMON NIGIRI /salmon/

  • 2 ks SHIITAKE GUNKAN NIGIRI /shiitake/

  • 6 ks ABURI BUTTER FISH MAKI /butterfish/

  • 6 ks KAPPA MAKI /bio cucumber/

(Take away +30 Kč)

Wasabi in Japan the sushi is prepared with wasabi inside, we do it so. You can choose between:

1. Common wasabi powder, made from horseradish, mustard seeds etc. - the most common in sushi bars in Europe and USA - more spicy,

2. Wasabi powder consists real wasabi root (20 %), this wasabi is hot just 20 minutes, closer to real japanese wasabi

3. Sushi without wasabi.

Please, let us know in the note below which wasabi you would like to add.

Soy sauce, pickled ginger and chopsticks are included.

Alergens: 1, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11.

Available times:

SOLD OUT. New menu in progress :).

Objednat sushi set 24 pcs

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